MAX System

A fast, accurate, and easy to understand modular fixture system.

Place a MAX table in your shop, and you will discover how modular fixturing will benefit your operation in greater productivity and improved work quality. Enjoy fast setup replication and reduced project lead times in prototyping, short production runs, or dedicated volume production runs.

BuildPro offers a complete line of heavy-duty and ultra-duty tables for work holding in woodworking and metal fabrication. Featuring our tried and tested TM System, a professional line of work-holding tools used to clamp down and locate workpieces quickly. The system consists of a working surface machined with equally spaced boreholes, allowing you to slip-fit clamps, stops, spacers, and other work holding tools quickly into place.

* All TM tables are PATENTED: U.S. PAT. 8065967

Our single-sided heavy-duty tables feature boreholes on the top surface and feature patented self-locating and reversible table top plates.

The slotted tables feature open gaps between the top plates. Providing extra versatility, allowing you to slide clamping tools or pliers using T-Slot adapters or Sliding Channel on the open slot edges as clamping surfaces.

Both MAX and MAX Slotted available in standard and nitrided tabletop finishes.

Reversible Self-Locating Table Plates

Patented Bushing design allows you to remove, re-position, re-align, and reverse the table plates!

Tabletop Side Height

6-1/4″ for both MAX and MAX Slotted tables

Table Accuracy

Table flatness: ±0.005 per 24″ x 24″

Hole spacing: 2.000″ ±0.001

Hole diameter: 0.625″ +.002/-.000

Plate thickness: 0.630″ ±0.004

Standard (plain) / Nitrided Finish

Choose from standard finish (medium carbon steel) or Nitrided (heat-treating) finish.

MAX Tables

Maximum Table Surface, Maximum Capacity. Utilize the additional holes (33% more than slotted tables) for clamping at multiple points.

Slotted Tables

All slotted tables have 1.7″ slots between plates.

Heavy Duty Leveling Feet ensure proper leveling of the table on uneven surfaces.

Heavy Duty Legs and Leveling Feet

Heavy Duty Leveling Feet ensure proper leveling of the table on uneven surfaces.

Adjustable ball lock bolt join two right angle bracket together

Key Elements in the TM Modular Fixturing System

Ball Lock Bolts are key to the efficient set up of Modular Fixtures on your BuildPro Tabletop. Use the Ball Lock Bolts to fasten clamping elements to the BuildPro Tabletop, or fasten two clamping elements together.

Welder works on positioner

Extra Platforms to Mount the Tabletops

Optional platforms allow you to rotate / lift your weld fixture to the best ergonomic position for safety and comfort.

How to calculate "Table Surface Height"?

Illustration to show How to calculate "Table Surface Height"

Example 1 : TMA57846

Slotted 6-1/2′ x 4′ table with Heavy Duty Legs

Tabletop plus leg height plus caster height for the total tabletop surface height

Example 2 : TMRC59648F

MAX 8′ x 4′ table with Adjustable Legs and Casters

* For Stationary Scissor Lift Platforms & HD Ergonomic Height-Adjustable Lift Platforms, ADD the 6-1/4” BuildPro® Tabletop height to the heights shown for each platform model.


Byron WrightOrofino, ID
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Having the precision of fixturing on a flat table has been a tremendous benefit in time, speed and accuracy...(click to view the full testimonial)
Jamie HynemanCEO of M5 Industries Inc. and Host of Mythbusters
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. . . The BuildPro welding table design is ingenious. Flexible enough to accommodate and lock down anything you can fit on it ...(click to view the full testimonial)
SeanRoseville, MI
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The BuildPro® Table will allow us to cut our fixturing time down considerably.
S. AumanWillow Spring, NC
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The BuildPro® Table has reduced our fixture setup time, making our operation more profitable.
G. ChristoffSt. Clair Shores, MI
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The BuildPro® is a very high quality table that I have dreamed about for a long time. I can do so much more and with much higher quality.