FixturePoint Table

An Affordable, Easy-to-Use Modular Fixturing System. Increase work quality and productivity! Fixture at ANY POINT on the tabletop.

The FixturePoint System is ideal for the set-up of 2D frames. Use the FixturePoint Kits to get started right away, working comfortably, safely, and efficiently for improved work quality and productivity!

FixturePoint Clamps and Components can be inserted into the 16 mm holes on the 900 x 600 mm tabletop for complete flexibility in Modular Fixturing.

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Product Details

TBH36244 Tabletop WITHOUT Leg Frame

Tabletop WITHOUT Leg Frame

Use the FixturePoint Table with or without leg frame to fit available space. The lightweight tabletop can be placed on any workbench for small fixtures.

fixturepoint table

Tabletop WITH Leg Frame

The FixturePoint Table is ideal for the set-up of 2D frames. Fixture at ANY POINT on the tabletop.

Hole Diameter:

16 mm

Grid Pattern:

50x50 mm

Tabletop Size:

900x600 mm

Tabletop Material Thickness: 

4 mm

Tabletop Height with leg frame: 

860 mm

Tabletop Height with leveling feet: 

158 mm

Tabletop Side Height

(WITHOUT leg frame or leveling feet): 

110 mm

Static Loading Capacity:

230 kg

Part No.

Tabletop Height with leveling feet (in)

Tabletop Height with leg frame (mm)

Hole Dia. (mm)

Hole Spacing (mm)

Tabletop Surface Dimensions (in)

Tabletop Material Thickness (mm)

Weight (kg)





50 x 50

900 x 600