Modular Tube & Pipe Notcher

Notch tubes and pipes at the accurate angle and length.

Mounting your Notcher on the: BuildPro , Rhino Cart, or TM Fixturing Plates allows for quick and accurate setups when notching multiple parts.

Notch 25 mm – 63.5 mm OD pipes or square tubes at any angle, or off-center. Position the two V-Blocks and clamp as needed.

Product Details

Arrange the Clamp and V-Blocks on the Modular Fixturing Block as needed for proper part positioning in each notching application.

Angle Setting Scale

Height Setting Scale

In the examples below, the Notcher is used to notch workpieces as needed to fit seamlessly into a final assembly:  

Compound Angles
Reference Angles

Part No.

Kit Includes

Weight (kg)


1 pc.  BuildPro® Tube & Pipe Notcher

2 pcs. Aluminum V-Blocks for tube locating

1 pc.  Clamp with Magnetic V-Pad