Plasma Cutting Tray

The Plasma Cutting Tray supports 45 kg, on an 480 x 710 cutting surface with 14 reversible / replaceable steel slats. Generous 45 mm width between cutting slats provides ample space for hold-down clamping. Slats are secured in place to maintain rigidity while you work. Cut, clamp, and fixture on one convenient mobile work station at the ideal, uniform working height.

The fold-out Plasma Cutting Tray easily folds down flat against the Rhino Cart® when not in use.

* 14 Reversible / Replaceable Slats (Part No.TPLK3021) is available for sale separately.

* This accessory is designed for Rhino Cart only.

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Product Details

Part No.

Size of the Cutting Area (mm)

Holding Capacity (kg)

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480 x 710