Alpha 28 Adjustable Rest​

The Adjustable Rest is operated manually with a turn of the knurled band for minute height adjustment.

Insert into any fixturing hole on the PRO28 Welding Table for use as a support or rest for aligning stock at a uniform height and providing welding clearance. V-Blocks fit into the top cavity of the Adjustable Rests to support round pipes. Adjustable Rests are stackable for use with tall stock.

  1. Insert into any hole on the PRO28 table with the Ø28 mm Locating Post.
  2. Securely fasten to the tabletop for repetitive applications using the Locking Pin with cap screw (included).
  3. Remove the Locating Post or the Locking Pin, and place the Rest anywhere on the PRO28 tabletop.
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Product Details

Part No.


Top Diameter
Top Height


Adjustable Rest, 75 ~ 110

8075 ~ 1102.5