Reversible Table Plates for Alpha 28 Tables

Borehole spacing 100 mm with additional 100 mm grid offset by 50 mm in the x and y axis, aka diagonal grid.

25 ±0.06 mm thickness.

Each top plate can be removed and flipped 180 degrees to expose a new working surface if the top side has been damaged or worn down.

* Mounting hardware sold separately. See Mounting Kit for ordering information.


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Product Details

All top and side plates of Alpha 28 table are made from a low alloy tool steel that’s tough enough for use in the mold making industry. After surface grinding and machining, each plate is further enhanced with a QPQ nitriding process that improves hardness, corrosion resistance, and resistance to weld spatter.

Plates on the table can be repositioned, or removed as applications dictate; a patented plate locating system means the spacing of the holes are always within tolerance without the need for special re-calibration.

3.0 x 1.5 table
2.4 x 1.2 table
2.0 x 1.0 table
1.5 x 1.0 table
1.2 x 1.2 table
Ref.Part No.Dimension (mm)Weight (kg)
AT28-Y12000275X-011,200 x 27556.3
BT28-Y12000300X-021,200 x 30060.8
CT28-Y12000325X-031,200 x 32566.7
DT28-Y10000275X-011,000 x 27546.8
ET28-Y10000300X-021,000 x 30050.5
FT28-Y10000225X-031,000 x 22538.6
GT28-Y10000325X-011,000 x 32555.5
HT28-Y15000275X-011,500 x 27569.5
IT28-Y15000300X-021,500 x 30075.0
JT28-Y15000325X-031,500 x 32582.4
KT28-Y12250175X-051,225 x 17534.4


1,175 x 17533.1
MT28-Y10250175X-051,025 x 17528.8
NT28-Y09750175X-07975 x 17527.5
OT28-Y15250175X-051,525 x 17542.8
PT28-Y14750175X-071,475 x 17541.5
QT28-Y11500175X-061,150 x 17532.3
RT28-Y09500175X-06950 x 17526.7
ST28-Y14500175X-061,450 x 17540.7

The reversible plates listed above only compatible with Alpha 28 tables.