Setup Cone

Use the Setup Cone to locate and position round tubing horizontally or vertically through the centerline. The Setup Cone locates from within the tube ID [max. 41 mm] at the tube ends, allowing for centerline location and positioning. Mount the Setup Cones on BuildPro® Accessories using either of two interchangeable bases provided:

Horizontal clamping: Securely fasten to any 16 mm mounting hole on clamping accessories using the Locking Pin with cap screw.

Vertical clamping: Insert into any 16 mm mounting hole on clamping accessories or the tabletop, using the Locating Post.

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Product Details

Horizontal application using Locking Pin
Vertical application using Locating Post + V-Block Spacer

Part No.


Dia. x H


ID Pipe

Range (mm)





41 x 38

6 < x <41